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Guides for Special Dolomite Campaigns

Special Dolomite Campaigns

Special Dolomite campaigns are campaigns that are usually very specific to a certain task or integration on Dolomite, and generally launched in conjunction with an event such as an integration of a new asset or the launch of a new feature. These are a great way to discover new features, assets, and strategies on Dolomite. However, due to the multiple step nature of these Campaigns, completing them can be confusing. The following Guides below this page provides more support to completing each active Special Campaign.

The Nature of Borrowing

All the current Special Campaigns have Credentials/Objectives that requires a user to borrow an asset for a minimum of 24 hours to qualify. However, due to the nature of borrowing, the user will be paying interest on the asset that is being borrowed. In order to close a borrow position, the user will need to pay the borrowed amount + interest accrued.

An inherent risk of borrowing are liquidations. It is important to note the Position Health of a borrow position when borrowing, as a Health closer to 1 will have a higher risk of liquidation, especially on higher risk assets. See Risk Mitigation for more information.

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