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Does Dolomite have a native token?

No, Dolomite does not currently have a token. Nor do we have plans for a token.

What makes Dolomite unique?

Dolomite is built on an extremely modular architecture that enables deep capital efficiency for users and broad token support. Dolomite is the first money market platform to be able to list thousands of assets in its central pooling design and enable users to retain full control over the assets they deposit. You can learn more about Dolomite's architecture on this page of our docs.

For the first time, users can collect rewards, vote, vest, and do much more with their tokens while they borrow against them. Users do not have to worry about relinquishing control over unique features that their tokens enable when they use Dolomite.

Dolomite was also built to solve some of the toughest problems in DeFi that face lending protocols today - mainly economic risk, technical risk with composing multiple DeFi protocols together, and liquidity crunches. Through Dolomite's innovative Isolation Mode and the features it enables, Dolomite can partition risk in ways other protocols have not yet. Moreover, Dolomite can prevent liquidity crunches by increasing liquidity for virtual liquidity trading which will allow users to enter or exit positions without needing to completely exit Dolomite's ecosystem. This will work exceptionally well during liquidity crunches (like the USDC de-peg event of March of 2023), when access to ERC20 liquidity dries up.

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