MIM Launch Campaign

The MIM Launch Campaign is a part of Dolomite's Community XP program. The campaign awards 10 XP for achieving a series of credentials/objectives related to MIM on Dolomite. The following guide will describe how to achieve the two credentials for the MIM Launch Campaign.

This campaign utilizes Galxe for tracking progress and distributing XP. After completing both credentials on the MIM Launch Campaign Galxe Page, you can go to the Galxe page to claim an OAT representing the 10 XP. If you're new to the XP program, make sure you also go to the Dolomite Discord channel and connect your Galxe account so you can receive Discord roles that match your level.

Note: MIM Launch Campaign does not have a minimum asset amount necessary for any of the credentials/objectives.

Obtaining MIM

Abracadabra's MIM asset can be bought on a DEX such as Camelot, or Zapped to from another asset directly on Dolomite.

MIM's Arbitrum Contract Address:

  • 0xFEa7a6a0B346362BF88A9e4A88416B77a57D6c2A

Deposit MIM into Dolomite

On the Deposit/Withdraw panel at the top right of Dolomite's Balances Page, click the asset selector to the right of the input field, then select MIM as the asset you want to deposit. Enter the desired deposit amount, then click the Deposit/Unlock button (if it's your first time depositing MIM, you will first need to unlock before depositing) This will initiate the wallet transaction to deposit the MIM to your Dolomite Balance. After the transaction succeeds, the MIM will be in your Dolomite Balance, and qualifies for the first Credential, "Deposit MIM into Dolomite." For more information on depositing assets to Dolomite, see the Depositing to Dolomite Guide.

Borrow MIM against mGLP

For user ease, the best method to accomplish this credential will be to use Zap to trade an asset to mGLP, before adding it as collateral within a Borrow Position. This avoids having the task of obtaining mGLP from sources beyond Dolomite. However, that is still an option, you can obtain it via Abracadabra (more instructions can be found here). Below, we will first Zap to mGLP and open a new Borrow Position with it as collateral, then borrow MIM within the same Borrow Position.

1. Zap - Trade before adding | Any Asset to mGLP

Go to the Borrow Page and click Open new Borrow Position to start the position creation process. Click the Zap - Trade before adding button below the input box. Next to the top input box, select an asset from your Dolomite Balance that will be swapped to mGLP. This could be the MIM you just deposited in the previous credential, or any other asset you prefer that you have deposited to Dolomite. In the top input field, enter any amount of the asset you wish to swap to mGLP and add as mGLP collateral for the position. Then select mGLP from the asset selector to the right of the bottom input field. Take a moment to review the Zap, then click the green "Zap" button at the bottom of the Open New Borrow Position Box, and approve the transaction within your wallet. After a successful transaction, the borrow position will appear at the top of your Borrow Page.

2. Borrow MIM

Locate your new Borrow Position on the page, you should see it with mGLP listed as collateral. Click on the borrow position to expand it and show additional information. Then click Manage Loan, then the Borrow tab on the position. Confirm that MIM is selected in the asset selector to the right of the input field, and enter an amount to borrow (up to 87% LTV, visit Risk Mitigation for more info). Click the Borrow button after checking the inputs are correct. After successfully confirming the transaction and holding the borrow position open for 24 hours, you will be qualified for the second credential. See the Borrow Guide for more borrow position support.

Congratulations! You've completed the MIM Launch Campaign and are qualified to receive 10 XP! After the 24 hour period has passed and you have claimed your XP, feel free to close the borrow position by repaying your loan (plus any interest accrued) and then withdrawing your collateral.

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