GM Launch Campaign

The GM Launch Campaign is a part of Dolomite's Community XP program. The campaign awards 20 XP for achieving a series of credentials/objectives related to the GM pools integrated with Dolomite, and borrowing and using Zap with them.

This campaign utilizes Galxe for tracking progress and distributing XP. After all five Credentials are met on the GM Launch Campaign, you can claim an OAT representing the 20 XP. If you're new to the XP program, make sure you also go to the Dolomite Discord channel and connect your Galxe account so you can receive Discord roles that match your level.

Note: GM Launch Campaign does not have a minimum asset amount necessary for any of the Credentials/Objectives.


1 – 4. Borrow anything against each of the 4 GM assets (i.e. gmARB, gmBTC, gmETH, gmLINK)

  • Each gm asset has to be Collateral within a Borrow Position.

  • Borrow anything against the gm asset Collateral.

  • The two above requirements must be held for at least 24 hours.

  1. Perform 3 Zaps using GM tokens

  • No requirements on which Zap type

  • No requirements on which gm asset.

There are currently Zap limitations within Borrow Positions for Intent Assets (i.e. GM assets). The following method avoids these limitations.

  • Read more about these restrictions here.


There are many different ways to complete this Campaign. The following method is done assuming that the user has none of the gm assets within their wallet or Dolomite Balance.

  • Zap an asset to each of the four GM assets.

Within your Dolomite Balance, on the Balances page, select the Swap button (highlighted in a red box in the image above). Repeat this step for all four of the GM assets. These Zaps will qualify you for the fifth Credential.

  • Create a Borrow Position with each GM asset as collateral, and borrow any asset.

Navigate to the Borrow tab, and click the Open New Borrow Position button. Select a GM asset from the asset selector, and enter an amount in to add as collateral in the Position. Review, then click the green Add button to initiate the transaction to create the Borrow Position. After a successful transaction, you should see a new Borrow Position with that GM asset at the top of the page.

The next step is to borrow any asset within the Borrow Position. Navigate to Manage Loan > Borrow, as shown in the image above. Select any asset you wish from the asset selector, and enter an amount in the input box. Click the green Borrow button to initiate the transaction to borrow the asset.

After this is done and 24 hours has passed, this Position will qualify for the GM asset Credential associated with it. Repeat these steps for each of the four gm assets.

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