Dolomite's modular infrastructure paves the way for unique and cooperative integrations with other DeFi protocols.

As DeFi has evolved since its inception in 2019, the idea of locking liquidity in a protocol to accrue rewards has become increasingly popular as well as increasingly more complex. Unfortunately, this paradigm of keeping liquidity siloed in another protocol is generally at-odds with money market systems, because it makes interacting with that equity (and the rewards + voting capabilities) non-standardized and non-trivial.

Dolomite was designed to make native integrations with other DeFi protocols as seamless as possible. Dolomite's protocol was designed to integrate with virtually any form of valid equity while allowing users to retain control and access over the rewards they accrue. The possibilities are limitless but some examples include:

Note, these examples include protocols that are currently not integrated into Dolomite.

As a bonus, since users are able to retain direct control over assets Dolomite integrates, users are able to perform on-chain voting (if supported by the respective protocol) with the assets they deposit into Dolomite.

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