Module - General

Some generic helper contracts have been developed in the Modules repository to unify the dev experience

Dolomite Margin - Modules

Arbitrum One

Contract NameDescriptionAddress

A proxy address for reading the DolomiteRegistry implementation

DolomiteRegistryV1 (implementation)

A registry for tracking important Dolomite addresses for ecosystem integrations.

DolomiteRegistryV2 (implementation)

Adds slippageToleranceForPauseSentinel which tracks the maximum slippage for zaps that pay back debt when Pause Sentinel is active

DolomiteRegistryV3 (implementation)

Adds expiry for storing the expiration manager for force-closing positions via expiration

DolomiteRegistryV4 (implementation)

Adds eventEmitter for storing a universal proxy contract for emitting events (to make indexing via Subgraph simpler)

DolomiteRegistryV5 (implementation)

Adds the chainlinkPriceOracle parameter for tracking the Chainlink oracle aggregator

Establishes a 15-minute TWAP price for GRAIL using Camelot's DEX

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