Getting started using Dolomite's Interface.

Adding a wallet

If you do not have a wallet yet, you can use MetaMask:

Connecting your wallet

After you have a wallet, you can connect your wallet by pressing the Connect Wallet button on the top right corner of any page on Dolomite's interface:

After connecting, if you see the button changes to red and says Wrong Network (shown below), you'll need to click on the button and follow the prompts to add the Arbitrum network to your wallet.

Alternatively, you can manually add the Arbitrum network:

Backup RPC URLs

Since Dolomite is a decentralized money market protocol, querying of data and the submission of transactions go through an RPC URL.

There may be times when the RPC URL is not as responsive as it should be, during these times you may notice data being slow to load or not loading on your page. It is also possible to hit the rate limit with the public Arbitrum RPC URL (, which would result in a 429 error code.

To continue using the exchange during these times you can use a backup Arbitrum URL (or other networks Dolomite may support in the future) from Alchemy, Ankr or QuickNode, switch the RPC URL in the network settings of your wallet and the page should load faster after. For a list of RPC URLs and their statuses:

Steps to change the RPC URL in MetaMask on Desktop

  • Click on the MetaMask icon in your browser toolbar

  • Click on the three dot icon

  • Click on Expand View

  • Click on your account icon on the top right and select Settings

  • Click on Networks

  • Paste in the new RPC URL

  • Click Save

Sending tokens

You will need to have ETH in your Arbitrum wallet to start trading.

If you have ETH on other networks you can transfer ETH to Arbitrum using the Arbitrum Bridge. The transfer will take a few minutes. You will also be able to transfer out within a few minutes as well if you use any of the below options:

For more information on bridging, we recommend reading the Arbitrum Bridge Tutorial.​

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