Community XP

One of our core beliefs in what makes a successful protocol is the community that stands behind it.

Enter Dolomite XP

Put very simply, completing campaigns gets you XP, XP gets you levels, and levels lead to recognition.

What is Dolomite XP?

Dolomite XP is our way of recognizing active members of the community and rewarding them in a fun way that lets them build up and show off clout in the community, while also encouraging users to get involved and try out the various features of Dolomite. We’ve partnered with Galxe, a web3 community-building platform very well-suited to this initiative.

How do you get Dolomite XP?

Users receive Dolomite XP by completing Dolomite campaigns on Galxe. These campaigns can take many forms, and generally involve completing a certain task or set of tasks. Some potential examples include:

  • Attending a Dolomite Community AMA or a Dolomite AMA hosted by another community.

  • Following Dolomite or a Dolomite partner on social media.

  • Making use of Dolomite's features, such as by depositing to the protocol and placing a trade.

  • Making use of a specific asset on Dolomite.

  • Attending an in-person Dolomite event.

Galxe campaigns with these tasks will typically be held in conjunction with a launch or event to encourage attendance or encourage users to try out a feature of Dolomite.

XP is awarded through Galxe On-chain Achievement Tokens (OATs). Each OAT is assigned a quantity of XP, starting from a minimum of 10 XP. More difficult, important, or involved tasks may be rewarded with OATs of a higher XP value. A user's total XP is the sum of the XP value of all of their OATs.

Users can find out about new Dolomite Galxe campaigns from the Dolomite Twitter or Discord, and see active campaigns on the Dolomite Galxe page.

While we currently allow for the XP OATs to be transferred to other wallets, holding multiple duplicate OATs for the same campaign will not give you any more XP than holding just a single OAT for that campaign.

What does XP get you?

The mechanic is much like experience points in a video game. Enough XP advances you to a higher level, and each level requires a greater amount of XP than the one before it. The amount of XP required to advance to the next level is equal to the number of the level times 10. So to reach level 1 requires 10 XP, then to reach level 2 requires an additional 20 XP (a total of 30 XP), to reach level 3 requires an additional 30 XP (a total of 60 XP), and so on.

Below is a table with the amount of XP required for the first 10 levels, and the same pattern continues to apply to levels above level 10.

LevelXP to reach level from previous levelTotal XP to reach level


































Users technically begin at level 0, but this is not a recognized level. A user must complete at least one task to reach level 1 and have their level recognized.

What do levels get you?

You can see your level reflected on the Dolomite web app, and currently being level 4+ gets you accelerated vesting for the Dolomite oARB Rewards Program. Similar advantages may exist for future rewards/incentives programs.

Additionally, if you choose to connect your Galxe to the Dolomite community Discord, you will receive exclusive roles that reflects your level. This role updates as more XP is earned. This helps users to identify those who are the most active in the community, and users of higher levels have access to private channels in the Dolomite Discord reserved only for the most involved community members. These groups get early access to new features. We're also always looking at creative ways to further integrate user levels into Dolomite!

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