Dolomite wraps around tokens to create markets and are accessed via numerical ID (not token address).
Dolomite has a Market for each ERC20 token asset it supports. Each Market specifies the Price Oracle used to determine the price for its asset, the Interest Setter contract which determines what the interest rates are for the Market, and other essential Risk params.
Markets are referenced by the protocol using their ascending numerical IDs.

Mainnet Markets

Arbitrum One

Testnet Markets

Arbitrum Goerli

Asterisks (*) denote assets in Isolation Mode, which wrap around an underlying token to improve the risk management of Dolomite. Assets in Isolation Mode have a d prepended to their symbol to denote being a Dolomite wrapped asset. Click on the asterisk to see the underlying token address.

Adding New Markets

Only the protocol administrator can list new markets. Over time, the DAO will have the right to add assets as well as a listing committee through an ownership adapter (dynamically or via committee decision). The committee will be appointed by the DAO and will be able to stay agile with the fast-paced environment on Arbitrum or other chains where Dolomite is deployed.