Different Networks

Brief overview on the implications of networks on Dolomite.

Switching Networks

The process for switching to a different network will be different depending on the wallet. The easiest way to switch networks, is to have the Dolomite app push the change to your wallet.

1. Click on the box representing the current Network

You will find a box representing the current chain that you are on in the navbar at the top right of the screen. If the chain your wallet is on is not available as an option on Dolomite you will see red "Wrong Network" message instead.

Clicking the box will populate a menu of Network options to choose from.

2. Choose desired network

Once you see the menu of networks integrated with Dolomite, as shown above, you can select the you desired Network to switch to.

3. Add a new Network to wallet

If it is your first time connecting to the network, many wallets will prompt you to verify that you want to add/switch to the selected network. This is demonstrated in the image above with the Metamask wallet.

However other wallets may simply switch you over to the desired Network automatically, such as the Rabby wallet, as Networks such as Polygon zkEVM are already integrated with the wallet.

Once you approve the correlated Network message(s), you will be connected to the selected Network. As you are on a different Network, the assets shown in your wallet will change to represent the assets you hold on that current Network (i.e. assets on Polygon zkEVM ≠ assets on Arbitrum).

Note: As mentioned in the following sections, a different Network means that there are different assets, asset liquidity, asset APRs, Dolomite Rewards, etc.

If the current RPC is not as responsive as it should be, changing RPCs might be needed. You can visit https://chainlist.org/ for a list of RPCs and their statuses. Here is brief guide to change RPC URL on Metamask: Changing RPC URL.

Bridging Assets to a different Network

You will need to have at least ETH as a gas token on Polygon zkEVM to begin using Dolomite on Polygon zkEVM. If you have ETH on other networks you can transfer ETH to zkEVM using the Polygon zkEVM Bridge.

There are also many Third-Party options to bridge to Polygon zkEVM, which are listed on the official Bridge, "Bridge using Third-Party Bridges ->."

Here are a few Third-Party options:

Network Implications: Assets

Different networks have different implications in terms of assets and asset capabilities on Dolomite. For example, some assets that are integrated onto Dolomite are native and only on Arbitrum, meaning they cannot be used on other Networks such as Polygon zkEVM.

For assets that are not native to only one of the available Networks on Dolomite, they will still have different APRs and liquidity pools on each of the available Networks that they are on. One example of this is ETH. ETH is available on Dolomite on both the Arbitrum and Polygon zkEVM Network, yet have different APRs and available liquidity.

This principle is true of Dolomite Incentivization Programs on different Networks as well (i.e. Minerals). ETH happens to be apart of the oARB Incentives Program on the Arbitrum Network, yet the same rewards and addition APRs will not be applied to Networks such as Polygon zkEVM.

These implications are important to be mindful of when utilizing Dolomite.

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