Open a Borrow Position

Opening a borrow position is simple

Normal Assets

Depositing or withdrawing into Dolomite is easy with the BorrowPositionProxyV1. You can find the address for BorrowPositionProxyV1 here.
library AccountBalanceLib {
/// Checks that either BOTH, FROM, or TO accounts do not have negative balances
enum BalanceCheckFlag {
event BorrowPositionOpen(
address indexed _borrower,
uint256 indexed _borrowAccountNumber
* @dev Transfers collateral from the source account number to the destination account
* number. Emits a `BorrowPositionOpen` event before the Operation executes.
* This enables the offchain data indexers to see the position being opened and
* start watching for Actions.
* @param _fromAccountNumber The index from which `msg.sender` will be sourcing the
* deposit
* @param _toAccountNumber The index into which `msg.sender` will be depositing
* @param _collateralMarketId The ID of the market being deposited
* @param _amountWei The amount, in Wei, to deposit
* @param _balanceCheckFlag Flag used to check if `_fromAccountNumber`,
* `_toAccountNumber`, or both accounts can go negative
* after the transfer settles. Setting the flag to
* `BalanceCheckFlag.None=3`
* results in neither account being checked.
function openBorrowPosition(
uint256 _fromAccountNumber,
uint256 _toAccountNumber,
uint256 _collateralMarketId,
uint256 _amountWei,
AccountBalanceLib.BalanceCheckFlag _balanceCheckFlag
) external;

Isolation Mode Assets

This part of the docs is still under construction 🚧