Module - Jones USDC

Dolomite's integration with jUSDC enables users to borrow while continuing to earn yield from the Jones DAO ecosystem

Dolomite Margin - Modules

Contract NameDescriptionAddress

An implementation of the IDolomitePriceOracle interface that makes jUSDC prices compatible with DolomiteMargin. The jUSDC price it calculates understates the price by the retention fee the exchange rate from jUSDC to USDC

The same as JonesUSDCPriceOracle but uses Chainlink Automation to cache the exchange rate using a heart beat / deviation model

A proxy address for reading the JonesUSDCRegistry implementation

A registry that contains all of the Jones USDC-related addresses. Used for offering Dolomite's smart contracts a uniform entry point for reading ecosystem smart contracts

Same as V1 but adds jUSDCFarm field for staking jUSDC

Implementation contract for each user's proxy contract vault. It stores the users jUSDC tokens and interacts with Jones DAO ecosystem

Same as V1 but adds ⚡️ Zap

Same as V2 but smooths out some minor UX hiccups for ⚡Zap

Same as V3 but adds support for jUSDC staking via the Arbitrum STIP grant program

The wrapper around the jUSDC token that is used to create user vaults and manage the entry points that a user can use to interact with DolomiteMargin from the vault

Used for unwrapping jUSDC (via redeeming) into USDC. This contract can be interacted with whenever the user chooses, but they must pay an increased retention fee of 1.25%

Used for unwrapping jUSDC (via redeeming) into USDC. This contract can only be interacted with during liquidations, because it bypasses the 24hr queuing process

Used for wrapping USDC (via minting) into jUSDC

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